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This section is designed to give general information about musical services, helpful tips and cool links for fellow musicians, artists and performers. We will be frequently updating this section when ever we come across useful information regarding the entertainment industry, so keep checking in with us. We hope you find this section helpful and we welcome any input or suggestions you might have.

Calling all entertainers!

Talent Search: Citron Productions is always on the look out for professional and innovative talent to offer our clients.

  • Exotic groups (Anything out of the ordinary)
  • World Music, Folkloric Music, Salsa, Caribbean, Calypso (Steel Drums), Reggae Bands...
  • Dancers and Dance spectaculars: Hip-Hop and Break Dance, C&W Line dancers and Instructors, Belly Dancer, Greek Sirtaki, Exotic...
  • Party Bands with Disco, Pop, R&R, C&W repertoire
  • One Man Bands or Duo's - One Man Band with Singer (must have wide variety of popular music repertoire. Singers must be able sing in English with little or no accent and be comfortable interacting with an international audience.
  • DJ's and DJ / Showman (must be very visual)

If you are interested in working onboard Cruise Ships, you and all members of your band or group must be fluent in English.

Please email C/V and photo to:

Special Services

The Lost Chord is a research service geared to the needs of musicians, performers, show producers, arrangers, composers, teachers, and anyone having trouble finding a piece of music and information.

The research material is faxed to you within a short time.

It is not for the person who can find what they are looking for at the corner music store.

  • It is for the arranger with a deadline, who has to write an arrangement on a tune that he can't find.
  • It is for the show producer who is deciding what music to use, and needs the material faxed to him while he is still in the meeting.
  • It is for the lounge musician who is about to lose his tip because he doesn't know the song that was requested, and needs the material faxed to him while he is still on the bandstand.
  • It is for the teacher who is giving a lecture and needs the material faxed to him while he is still in the classroom.
  • It is for the performer who knows the song, but can't find the verse to it.
  • It is for the orchestra leader who finds out ten minutes before the gig, that he has to play the nicaragua national anthem - or the bride changed her mind about the first dance, and now want's something that the band doesn't know.
  • It is for the composer who needs a list of songs that have the word "abscissa" in the title.
  • It is for anyone needing music research delivered quickly and inexpensively, and has access to a fax.

To request a piece of music or information contact

Rent a musician or band!

Are you a Producer, Singer, Songwriter or Musician? Need a band or musicians for a recording project? Are you producing a theatrical event? Are you a composer and want to hear how your songs sound with a band? Did you leave music to pursue another career and now you want to get back into playing but just don't have time to go out and find others to jam with you? Citron Productions offers the very best musicians Barcelona have to offer to make your project a sure success quickly and at affordable rates.

choose from:

  • Rhythm players or section piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion
  • Horn players or section - saxophone(alto, tenor, soprano), clarinet (baritone), trumpet, trombone
  • Traditional instrumentalists mandolin, banjo, dobro, accordion, violin, gadulka, bazooki, etc
For more info contact

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