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Ded Grandad

Starting as a sigh and culminating in a tortured wail. Oh family! Where be ye ? This house is not a hearth but an ashtray. The past-gone astray.

"When a man, alone, closes his eyes to the future, the frightful abyss of eternity is revealed to him...When we die, death gives us a half turn and we undertake the backward march into the past...From time to time they reach us, whispers and rumours of this other world. The bowels of history are a counter history...The subterranean river runs from the sea to the source."
(Mist - M. de Unamuno)

Two young souls undertake a pact with the past, in order to immerse themselves therein, and thereby resurrect the spirits of their past masters-wanted dead or alive. The emanations of countery history shape the world of Ded Grandad. They were mayhap:
Earwax Fullton (guitar, voice), Welkin Gibbous (banjo, voice, kazoo) and Ernest J. Hubber (stand-up bass).

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