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This first rate live Pop/Rock cover-versions band is born of the skill and experience of such trusted names as:
Darren Jones (loud vocal, guitar). Jones began his musical career at age three playing solo violin for the Jones Family Chamber Ensemble, a group managed by his uncle, Derek, and is currently part-time song writing consultant to bands like Oasis Colour Scene and Blur. He has also held long-standing musical instrument distribution agreements with the pop group Nirvana. He is confident his reputation will be restored with the outcome of his ongoing lawsuit against the jealous and inferior Radiohead. Darren has played in front of Tickling Dave Varriale (Drums): Taking a break from academic life, after the publication of his thesis which gives Creedence to hitherto unlikely theories in the field of probability, Variale decided to take the drums last year and was promptly contracted for last minute substitutions for James Lynch and the group Shout! In his spare time, Dave works on extremely complex poly-rhythmic contrapuntal drum fills for Dara Luskin (bass, back-up vocal). Luskin played his first gig alongside Ron Wood of the group Rolling Stones in a benefit concert for organized crime attended by the last three Presidents Of The United States. Since 1994, he lives in retirement in Barcelona, where he once financed the group "The Stomping Clawhammers" (now the group Los Stompers), with John Ward and another Irish fiend, Welkin Gibbus. Leading various dara-military groups he attained the rank of Red Hot Sergeant Peppers. After two years of touring around Europe he began working on a solo. Luskin is also joint shareholder of the "Society For Greater Musicians And Fewer Bands" with Merk Ferguson (barking vocal, lead guitar). Ferguson finished his GIT degree at the mental age of fifteen. Thereafter he was commissioned to program the drum machine parts for the band Soft Cell, worked as a double in Beatles b-film "Paul Is Dead", and moved on to become chief engineer at Harley Davidson's Lynyrd Skynyrd Custom Hell Dog Bicentennial model division (Merk and the Mechanics). In later life he held the position of head of quality control for the pharmaceutical administrations of artists like Jimi Hendrix and Sid Barrett of the group Pink Floyd.

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