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Citron Productions
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Citron Productions is dedicated to:

  • Quality cultural programming for children and family audiences.
  • Creating public awareness of the vast and wonderful array of multi-cultural entertainment that Catalunya has to offer.
  • Increase access, involvement and relationships between performing artists and the community.

"In-school" Educational and Cultural Programs

Citron Productions makes education one of our most important areas of programming. We believe programming multi-cultural entertainment is so important to a child's complete education, as well as to the continuation of the performing arts. We offer a variety of fun and interactive programming such as:

  • The History of Jazz Ensemble
  • The World Of Percussion
  • International Folk Music Shows
  • Etc.

Out-Reach Music Programs

These are programs offering live entertainment for people in our community that ordinarily are not able to come out to see our produced events, such as people in hospitals and retirement homes. We bring the music to them. Citron Productions can organize; Family day's with live entertainment, concerts series, dances and musical reviews, etc. You can choose the type of entertainment from our extensive roster of musicians and performers.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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