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Tikun is the first Klezmer band in Spain, founded in 1999 by Drummer, Rob Citron. As musical director, he has united the best classical and jazz musicians in Barcelona to interpret and create this special mix of Klezmer music. The instrumentation is accordion, violin / percussion, clarinet / saxophone, trumpet, singer, electric / acoustic Bass and Drums / Percussion and can be performed in various formations; quartet, quintet, sextet or septet. The group performs internationally for festivals, commercial centres, jazz clubs, religious services, weddings, bar mitzvahs, clinics, schools and colleges.

Klezmer is Eastern European Jewish Folk Music. It has influences of Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and Gypsy music.

Tikun presents "La History of Klezmer" through performance and narration. Their interpretations of classic Klezmer and original compositions are spontaneous, electrifying and full of passion, combining the virtuosity of classical music, the high energy and improvisation of jazz and the deep rooted power of the East European Jewish tradition.

This program is educational and interactive and focuses on the preservation of Jewish music and its heritage.

The concert begins with traditional Klezmer songs along with narrations about where the music originated and how it has evolved. The group talks about the immigrants that came to the United States from the Old Country. Performances include klezmer performed in different genres of music to show the influence American pop music had on the Klezmorim (the klezmer musicians) such as Ragtime, Dixieland, Broadway, Big Band and Jazz music. Klezmer influenced American composers and band leaders as well such as Benny Goodman.

Also included in the program are original compositions, more in the contemporary jazz fusion style to show another direction klezmer music has gone since its revival back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Tikun has a wide variety of repertoire perfect for any occasion, including Israeli, Chasidic and Sephardic music as well as songs in Ladino (the Sephardic community and culture is still prominent in Spain today).

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